Paul Stone grew up in Vermont and took degrees from Dartmouth and Tufts Medical before settling back in Guilford to raise his family and sustain a career in dentistry.  Painting was always his passion, beginning in grade school, where he first studied art.  That study continued through undergraduate and graduate schools and on into his career.  His formal education behind him, Paul began seriously to produce and market his watercolors in teh early 1970's.  Working extensively from pencil sketches of farms and hills garnered during weekend jaunts through the back roads of Southern Vermont, Paul developed the ability to translate his experience of a distinct essence of his surroundings into a language all his own, particularly a poignant investigation of the centuries of designed and incidental sculpting of the Vermont landscape, by both human and natural "hands".  These watercolors have found appeal in many popular exhibitions and throughout a wide social network, and now reside in private and corporate collections in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Throughout the 1980's, Paul produced landscapes prolifically, developed his mastery of sunlight and flora, began to create still life paintings and to experiment with collage as a multimedia mode.  Stone found in collage unique opportunities to explore the anecdotal and textural aspects of collected relics, thus inviting the viewer to ponder materialism and biography through abstraction and geometric forms.

The flexibility and dimensionality of collage set the stage for oil painting, with which Paul has been engaged intensively since the late 1980's.  While continuing at that time in the tradition of landscape and still life.  Paul expanded his vision to invlude both the maritime environment and the human form.  Stone's oils are often distinguished by a daring implementation of color, placing the viewer within the beautifully surreal, such as a full spectrum yacht race under the dazzling hues of night.

The heart of Stone's work remains the landscape, both pastoral and marine, where architectural forms of the New England farm complement the reforested, lumbering hills and brilliant meadows of a diminishing  agricultural milieu, and the forms and emotions that move upon the surface of the sea are arrested in poignant color.  Paul Stone's ethic resonates with his lifespan, enveloped in these two cultures; the hand labors to reap what the land and the sea promise, and Stone's investments in his art are a joy to all who have lived to work and play in these natural spaces of New England.

I try to respond to the weight of character with which events have endowed the places that I paint. Sometimes the people give me clues, sometimes the structures do and sometimes the spirit of the place speaks.

Paul G. Stone, artist